2010-01-20 camstudio xp

3DMM being recorded with Cam Studio in a virtual machine

Granted 3DMM isn't open source, it's possible to export your 3DMM movies using open-source software! Sure you're thinking "but I have this bootlegged software that does it all for me" or "the trial version/shareware/etc. I have already installed is good enough". Unfortunately some shareware applications leave a watermark on your videos. What I've found that works perfectly:

  1. Record the video using Cam Studio
  2. Grab the video and audio tracks from Cam Studio's temporary folder before choosing to save or cancel the recording
  3. Use a video editor such as Open Shot (in Linux) to put the video and audio files on different tracks, and export to an MPG that can be uploaded to a video sharing site

For the long tutorial (claiming to be fail-proof) on the 3DMM unofficial forum, follow this link.