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  • Titaniumtux

    Wine 1.4

    March 10, 2012 by Titaniumtux

    Check it out! No color issues running 3D Movie Maker in Wine 1.4!!

    Unfortunately, FPS sound still seems to be an issue, and I haven't found a solution to that yet (seems to be related to running Wine on Ubuntu, seeing as Wine doesn't like PuleAudio).

    The screenshot is taken with 3DMM running in wine in XP mode, but it will run full screen if configured to run as win9x.

    I'm hopeful that one day this will all be possible with open source, especially considering microsoft is not offering us any way to use their old software on any of their *supported* platforms.

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  • Titaniumtux

    new creation

    March 9, 2012 by Titaniumtux

    Working on a film right now, using a lot of mods from the forum. I find it strange how when I'm on a scene using the greyscale mod, a lot of the visuals outside the actual film space goes grey.

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  • Titaniumtux

    Granted 3DMM isn't open source, it's possible to export your 3DMM movies using open-source software! Sure you're thinking "but I have this bootlegged software that does it all for me" or "the trial version/shareware/etc. I have already installed is good enough". Unfortunately some shareware applications leave a watermark on your videos. What I've found that works perfectly:

    1. Record the video using Cam Studio
    2. Grab the video and audio tracks from Cam Studio's temporary folder before choosing to save or cancel the recording
    3. Use a video editor such as Open Shot (in Linux) to put the video and audio files on different tracks, and export to an MPG that can be uploaded to a video sharing site

    For the long tutorial (claiming to be fail-proof) on the 3D…

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